Sonny Angel Animal Series Version 1

Sonny Angel


Animal Series Version 1 By Sonny Angel

These cute bringers of happiness have come over from Japan and are real collectors items. Blushing cheeks, wings and a naked body are the marks of a Sonny Angel. The 7.5 cm figurines come in different versions, from animals to fruits and vegetables. The Sonny Angels are sold in a ‘blind box’: you can choose an angel from a specific series, but you don’t know in advance which figurine you will get. So you don’t choose the Sonny Angel – the Sonny Angel chooses you!

Blind boxed.
Which animal you receive is unknown until opening the box.
12 versions + a Secret version.
Secret figure is available 1/144.
(*please note that 1 secret is not always in one carton.)

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